New House

For those who know us but were left in the dark, we have purchased and moved into a new house. It was the most harrowing experience we have ever undertaken and was about a year in the making. It started with an epic deck rebuild that, followed by a bathroom remodel, then the digging of a new well. We came across a house that had lots of land and was much closer to Peterborough and a major highway to my wifes work in Lindsay. We immediately jumped on the opportunity knowing that it would be snapped up quickly if we didn’t.

Now I’ve been stressed before, but nothing like purchasing a new house before selling our existing one. There was a very real chance that we would be stuck with two houses… mortgages and all. Our house eventually hit the market a couple weeks after we made the purchase, and things were quite slow. After three weeks on the market and only a couple showings under the belt, a couple wandering around the property took interest and two days later it was sold. Yeah.

They wanted the closing date in 3 weeks time, which was one month earlier than the closing date on the new house. So we were in effect, homeless for the month of July. Luckily, family stepped up and offered us an apartment in Peterborough. As soon as we moved in, our beloved 2000 Pontiac Sunfire became un-drivable due to failing a drive clean test, cost of repairs, and our plates note being renewed. Anyways, it forced us to look for another vehicle to replace the “Golds-mobile”.

Long story short, we finally got moved into our new place the last week of July and it has been great. Where the last house had one bathroom and 1.5 bedrooms, this one has 2 bathsrooms, 4 bedrooms and neighbors who aren’t douchebags; they’re actually quite nice and welcomed us to the hood with a bottle of wine. We are across the street from a municipal park with swings, slide, ball diamond, soccer pitch, and sliding hill and only 10 minutes into Peterborough, 25 minutes to Lindsay, and 5 minutes to Highway 115 which takes us down to Durham Region where a majority of family and friends reside. Through all the crap we’ve been through in the past year, it’s good to finally settle back down into a place we look forward to calling home.


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