Labour Day Weekend 2011

I love long weekends in the summer. Especially, when there are no set plans or epic trips planned. This weekend was just that. We spent Saturday morning at the grocery store picking up food for the week and the afternoon in downtown Lindsay checking out the shops. Saturday night we finally got around to putting a bunch of stuff on Kijiji. We’ve never used the site before to buy or sell anything, but figured we might as well give it a shot. We have a lot of stuff that we’ve either never used or haven’t touched in a long, long time that we should try and get some money for instead of tossing.

Sunday, we decided to head to the Toronto Zoo and check out the penguins which were a definite highlight. I remember when I was about 8 years old, my dad took my brother and I to the zoo on Valentines Day, and if you made a valentines day card for the animals, admission was free. My brother made a card for the lions, and I made one for the penguins. I was told that it was the first card received for the penguins. It wasn’t until some years later I found out the Toronto Zoo has never had penguins. I was thrilled to learn that in 2001, they acquired some endangered African penguins. I’ve waited almost 24 years to see them and they did not dissappoint. Check them out if you get the chance.

Monday, family came up for a visit and we headed to the Peterborough Zoo for a ride on the train and playing in the park with our son Patrick. While it may not sound like an exciting weekend, it was one of my favourite this summer.


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