Indian Food

I like Indian food. Stephanie does not. A classic conundrum. So when I jokingly said to her last Saturday that we should get some Indian take out and her response was, “sure… where from?”, it caught me a bit off guard. Stephanie has never liked it. Back in our schooling days, I used to make meals now and again with curry powder, which would drive Stephanie nuts and usually make her leave the apartment. When she actually tried some take out a couple years back at a friends house, I was shocked, but figured she was just being polite.

On Saturday evening, there was a glimmer of hope when after much deliberation she decided on mulligatawny soup and a couple veggie samosas, while I opted for tikki masala. We looked at the restaurant reviews online and everything checked out. By the way, Peterborough doesn’t have much to offer in the way of Indian food take-out selection. Nonetheless, the smell in the car while driving the food home was intoxicating. The dream of an Indian food-loving wife was crushed with a single bite of the soup. It must of brought back some bad memories or something, because she swore never to eat it again. I on the other hand, finished off my meal and hers and will go back into the caves to enjoy this deliciousness in secret.


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