Moving Forward to Researching the Past

Over the past two years I’ve been researching family history as discussed in a previous posting: Looking Back in Time. Using the now famous website, I’ve been able to link 1,500 people to my family tree and its very easy to get carried away as I could probably link another 2,000 or so. But there comes a time when you need to ask “so what? I found information on my 4th cousin 3 times removed”. Other than the interesting factor, looking at where family originated from, and where they moved to around the world, it doesn’t mean anything to me. What I’m interested in is recording information on my direct ancestors and learning their stories. My research is beginning to expand beyond the Ancestry site and move towards more old school methods of genealogical research such as contacting historical societies and churches to obtain information. I will be ending my subscription with Ancestry simply because I am no longer finding value in the membership fees.


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