Halloween Haunt

Tired of sitting around and watching movies with a pint of ale, Stephanie has been at me for the past couple months to get out and do something different. So when she came up with the idea of going to Canada’s Wonderland for their annual Halloween Haunt, it was tough to resist. The Halloween Haunt occurs on weekends throughout October from 7pm until midnight, where most of the rides are open… with the addition of haunted houses, mazes, and people dressed in costumes running around scaring everyone in their path.

So last night, Stephanie, my brother Jason, his wife Kelly, and I went out for an unbelieveable steak dinner at The Keg steakhouse in Vaughan, right near the park. Lesson #1 – Don’t load up on food before going on roller coasters. The first ride we chose was Top Gun (now known as Flight Deck). This is hands-down the most stomach churning coaster in the park. Lesson #2 – Don’t have beer with dinner before riding roller coasters. The first time I rode this roller coaster, the lineup was about 2 hours long, whereas, this time it was only only 25 minutes – the longest line we’d stand in all night long. We had 3.5 hours to fit in as many rides as humanly possible.

After Top Gun, we hit The Great Canadian Minebuster, The Fly, Wild Beast, Dragon Fire, Thunder Run, and Vortex. After each ride, we complained how sick we felt and that we needed to take a breather before the next one, but the lure of zero lineups was just too much. We were definitely feeling the pain today. Lesson #3 – more than 10 minutes between roller coaster rides. I woke up this morning feeling like I had a dozen drinks last night. Pounding headache, queezy stomach, and quite dizzy. I guess I have to remind myself now and again, that I’m not 20 years old anymore… lesson learned.


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