Kaitlyn’s First Birthday Party

This past Saturday was my niece Kaitlyn’s first birthday party. I always love baby birthday parties because we not only get to celebrate a birthday (usually with cake), but it’s also a chance for old friends and family to get together. In our small group of friends, it seems that everyone has pumped out at least one offspring in the past 2 years. Due to our geographical location, its often difficult to get our group together to go for a drink or dinner anymore, and is why I look forward to these parties.

My brother Jason, his wife Kelly and their oldest daughter Ava welcomed us into their home to celebrate their youngest, Kaitlyn, turning one. Other than the blood-curdling scream she can sometimes release from her bellows, Kaitlyn is one of the most red-headed, chill-axed one year olds I know, (Sully taking the number one chill-axed spot). She is often found quietly minding her own beeswax, getting her “play with toys on”. Even with a packed, noisy house on Saturday afternoon, she remained quite and, well… chill. She is usually content doing her own thing. In times of stress and anxiety, I often look up (or rather down), to Kaitlyn and remind myself to just relax and eat cake. Happy Birthday Katie!


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