Composition: Lines

Today being Remembrance Day, meant that I got the day off work and decided to spend the morning out shooting. This was my first time actually going out for the sake of photography. Up until now I’ve just been bringing the camera with me to the park with Patrick. I’ve spent a lot of time so far simply reading about photo composition. There is a ton of really good information out there and I wasn’t sure where to start. I found it mind boggling to think about all the components of composition combined with getting the camera settings correct. Instead of trying to focus on bringing all the elements of good composition together at once, I figured that if I broke them down into various elements and tried to focus the shots on those elements, it wouldn’t be so bad.

One element that I figured I could tackle was lines. My goal this morning was to identify lines in nature, group them into horizontal, vertical, diagonal, converging, and S-curves and photograph them so that they were was obvious. I wasn’t necessarily too worried about colour, framing, the rule of thirds, or the other million things in photo composition, just lines. I found it more difficult than first imagined. When I think of vertical lines, trees and telephone poles pop into mind; whereas when thinking of horizontal lines, fences and horizons were the only thing I could think of. It was challenging thinking outside the box. Below are some of the shots from this mornings outing focusing on lines. Please feel free to comment.


4 thoughts on “Composition: Lines

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