Making the Leap

After only a couple months of blogging on Google’s Blogger, I have made the executive decision to move over to WordPress. There wasn’t really anything pressing me to make the move other than Google is starting to drive me nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I think Google does a great job in the collaboration department, but unless you and everyone you know are using their suite of tools, you can miss out on a lot. Since a lot of my blog posts have pictures (except this one), I wanted some place that would store pictures in the same environment. With Blogger, your images are actually stored in your Picasa account along side all your other photos. You could access those photos via Blogger, Picasa Web Albums or Google+. For my purposes, I didn’t need all these options. I like the fact that I can manage my blog related photos directly in WordPress. So, for now I’ll stick with WordPress… probably until the next shiny thing comes along.


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