Festival of Trees

The Peterborough Festival of Trees event raises money for local health care groups by hosting a series of events in and around town. While there are several things to do including a kids zone, skating, holiday homes tour, and raffle walk to name a few, I was only able to spend about 30 minutes walking around downtown to check out the ice sculpting demonstration by Woodchuck Charlie and have a BeaverTail with my 2 year old son, Patrick. He started to get antsy so we had to head home earlier than I would have liked.

Below are two photos that was able to take, both of which I’m not very happy with. I tried to zoom in on Woodchuck Charlie only to realize 55mm wasn’t enough, so I had to crop the photo after-the-fact. It wasn’t until I reviewed the photos at home that I noticed his face blended in with the red brick building directly behind him, so I decided to show it in monochrome. Also, the angles of the building make the photo seem crooked, even though it’s straight. The second photo is a tree beside Peterborough Square, which I thought looked pretty cool with the fading daylight in the background. I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I bumped up the ISO and was given a lesson in grain, which you can see if you zoom in on the sky.

Now, I know it’s not the norm for people to post photos they’re unhappy with on their photo blog, but I’m a beginner, and want to recognize these issues so I can apply what I’ve learned when composing out in the field.


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