Composition: Textures

Last night I attended my first camera/photography club meeting with the Peterborough Clicks group. I have been looking for a photography club in town where I can meet people with the same interests, talk about photography, and actually get out and take some pictures. At this time of year the club doesn’t spend many evenings outside snapping photos, but rather inside talking technical stuff… which is perfect for a beginner such as myself to ask lots of questions, and learn some techniques. Each week we are presented with an assignment that focuses on a certain aspect of photography. We are to submit two photos for every assignment, and once a month the group sits and reviews all the pictures. It will be a great opportunity to get some constructive feedback on my photos.

My first assignment was perfect. Texture. I submitted a post about a month ago on trying to practice photographic composition using lines with the intention of moving on to shape, colour, framing and texture. After a discussion on composition, we were given time to walk around the old and beautiful Sadlier House (where the meetings are held), to try and capture texture in a picture. Below are a couple images that I’d thought I’d share. Most of them are monochrome as I’m told it can be used to help portray the texture of a photo. I’m not overly happy with any of them, so I plan to get out this weekend to try and take some more photos and will post some more on texture. Feel free to comment and help decide which ones to submit for this project.


5 thoughts on “Composition: Textures

  1. Hey Kev! Sorry for the absence omn your blog. I forgot to update Google Reader, so I wasn’t getting the updates. These are fantastic man. The monochrome conversion definitely highlights the textures well. I personally love the wooden flower shot as multiple textures are present – the shape of the wood work and the grain of the wood. Really well done. Not sure if you’ve downloaded Picasa’s photo editor, but you can do B+W conversions with colour filters. Some really cool effects.

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