Millbrook Conservation Area

Yesterday morning was my first outing with the Peterborough Clicks camera club. About ten of us headed down to Millbrook Conservation Area in Millbrook, Ontario. I’ve only been through Millbrook once, and that was on my was to stock fish in the pond with the Ministry of Natural Resources some years ago. The conservation area offers a wide variety of things to photograph including an old mill, lake, boardwalks through the forest, small streams, and waterfalls. It took me over an hour to get further than 100ft from the car. There was just so much to take in. It was also a good chance to talk more with some of the club members and pick up some helpful tips. Below are a couple images from the trip… the third one, I might use for my texture assignment – see previous post.





One thought on “Millbrook Conservation Area

  1. I love the second shot – of the barn? – so many great lines, my eye just keeps wandering. The textured tree branches/roots are awesome as well! Good work man!

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