Weekend of Photography

This past weekend was fantastic… as far as photographic opportunities go. Lately, I’ve been struggling to get out for the sole purpose of taking pictures. Saturday night, our camera club went on an outing to Campbellford, Ontario to photographic the Christmas light displays along the Trent River. While the light display was not as big as previous years, it still gave me an opportunity to try out some night photography. While I did get some photos of the Christmas lights, I was intrigued by the street lights and how they lit up the area. Below are 3 of my favourite photos from the evening. Check out my other photos from the outing on Flickr.

The above photo was an 8 second exposure, and I love the white haze on the water. I like how the white light further down the canal presents a mystery to what is actually there.

The photo above was my first attempt at shooting the tail lights of moving vehicles. Unfortunately, most of the traffic was coming towards me over the bridge so there was few opportunities to get just the red tail lights.

I did very little post processing to the above photo, and I love how the remaining orange leaves on the tree give it a selective colouring type look. There was a street light right beside the tree illuminating it the white colour.

On Sunday afternoon, my wife Stephanie was hosting a Christmas get together at our house for some of her friends and their kids. I thought of hiding down stairs and watching football, but figured it would be another good opportunity to get out with the camera. The TransCanada trail passes right by our house, so I drove to the closest access point and went for a little hike. The light was quickly fading, but I was able to get a couple shots I was pleased with.

This shot was taken across a farmers field, and the clouds and sunset turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I brightened up the sky and darkened the trees in post production. In hindsight, I probably would have toned down the blue sky a bit.

This barn was literally on the other side of the trail from the sunset photo above. The metal roof of the barn was reflecting the light grey clouds making the two almost the same colour. I tried out a couple different settings, but was finding it difficult to make the roof stand out from the sky. In the end I decided to go monochrome on it. I think I could photograph old barns all day long… they just have so much to offer.

This past weekend has really inspired me to try and head out with the camera more often, even if its only for an hour or so and close to home.


One thought on “Weekend of Photography

  1. Some cool shots here man. I definitely need to head out with the camera more often. I really like the reflections on the water in the first shot. I like the barn shot as well, though I see what you mean about the roof – it does blend a bit, but I don’t think that’s a big problem – at least not in the B+W shot. Nice work.

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