Christmas 2011

I can’t believe we made it through yet another Christmas. While not quite over, the holiday season is coming to an end (for me anyways, as I’ve returned to work). It hasn’t been as crazy as past years and we still managed to connect with friends and family. A couple weeks back a group of 10 of us met up for dinner and drinks at a pub in Toronto. We don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like to, so we decided to make it a tacky holiday sweater get together. That pretty much kicked off the “get together season”.

This past Friday December 23rd, my long time friend Keith, his wife Liz (who just happens to be my wifes’ twin) and their son Sullivan came up for an overnight visit. It’s been a long while since friends have stayed overnight. We had some delicious food and played Monopoly until the wee hours of 11pm, before calling it a night, realizing that our kids would be waking up in the 7am range.

Christmas Eve was spent cleaning the house and heading out to a church service in Omemee which was interesting since I’d never really been to church and was caught off-guard by some of the customs. We came back from church in time for some snacks and drinks before helping Patrick layout his stocking by the wood stove (closest thing to a fireplace), and setting out some cookies and milk for Santa. After Patrick was asleep, we watched A Christmas Story, which we haven’t seen in a couple years for some reason.

Thinking Patrick would sleep in past 7am on Christmas morning was a mistake. He ran downstairs and noticed that the cookies and milk were all gone, and started crying “we need more cookies for Santa”. After opening our presents, we needed to clean the house again in preparation for Christmas dinner with my parents and brother who were driving up from Pickering (just east of Toronto). They arrived mid-afternoon and the present opening continued until finally the big dinner was ready. I know my wife is a fantastic cook, but she went all out with the dinner, which was absolutely fantastic. The rest of the evening, we curled up on the couch, bloated from the turkey and wine, and watched football.

On boxing day, we headed up to the in-laws place just east of Bancroft for some more present opening and food. Patrick really enjoyed seeing his 3 cousins (1 year, 18 months, and 5 years old) as he was able to burn off some of the stored up energy from the cookies and sugar he’d been consuming for the past couple days.

We’re still having another Christmas get-together with my other brother and his family on the 29th, where there will be more present opening and more food. This will be followed by New Years Eve, which will be (if history has taught us anything) pretty lame. Below are some photos of family over the past couple days. I’ll post more in the new year.


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2011

  1. I absolutely love the sepia tone photo in the middle of the child at the table. It really captures a moment that can tell so many stories. 🙂

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