New Years Eve Take Away

Once upon a time, our friends thought it would be a good idea to get some Chinese take out on New Years Eve. I’m talking about the Canadian version of Chinese food such as fried rice and chicken balls with that red sauce. We thought we were smart by placing an order several hours in advance, since lots of people opt for take out on New Years Eve. I was selected by my peers to go and make the pickup and was expected to walk in, grab our food, and be home in 10 minutes. What actually happened was quite different. Upon pulling up to the restaurant I quickly realized that this was going to take a bit longer than 10 minutes.

The small restaurant was packed wall to wall with people waiting for their take out food. About half of these people had anticipated the wait and were silently standing by for their food. The other half were obviously in a rush and felt that it would be beneficial to yell at the restaurant staff.

Crazy Guy #1: “I ordered my food at 2 this afternoon… it should be ready for me to pick up!”.

Crazy Guy #2: “I hear ya buddy. What’s the point of calling ahead, if you’re just going to make us wait?!”.

Crazy Guy #1: “We want some sort of compensation!!!”.

Crazy Guy #2: “How dare they make us wait! Get ’em fellas!”

I’m not sure what these people were hoping to accomplish. Were they attempting to rally the rest of us into some sort of uprising? In the end, I waited for an hour for our food… no big deal in the grand scheme of things. If the worst thing going on in your life right now is waiting a bit longer for Chinese take out on their busiest day of the year, I think you’re doing all right. If your planning on ordering take out food tonight, plan to wait, and plan to encounter some interesting characters. Happy a safe and happy New Years! – Kevin


3 thoughts on “New Years Eve Take Away

  1. Many years ago, we used to frequent a Chinese take away in Blackrock, Co. Dublin called the Great Wall. We would often get there after having had a few pints. There would usually be some banter amongst the people waiting for their food. I remember once asking the guy behind the counter about the meaning of some Chinese writing on a painting behind the counter. He explained with a straight face and showing no obvious emotion: “It means ‘When you come in, you laugh at us, when you walk out with the food, we laugh at you.'” It was never the same for me after that.
    Happy New Year,

  2. Glad that we ordered Thai on New Year’s Eve this year – pre-ordered and waited less than two minutes for the food when we picked it up. In fact, because we picked it up there was even a discount. Kevin… thanks for coming along with me to pick it up so you could see what the true spirit of NY eve take out food is all about. Hopefully it rekindled your faith 🙂

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