Digging Through Old Photos – Part 2

I spent some more time over the Christmas holidays going over some old photos seeing if there were anymore hidden gems, and I’ve pulled out another 6 that I felt were worthy of a little image touch up and display. For a look at my first review of old photos, click here.

I love this first photo simply because it was taken with my very first digital point and shoot camera back in 2002. While technically it might not be the most interesting photo, I can’t stop looking at the eyes – both the pattern in the green part and the tiny slits of the pupils.  We still have this cat, and he is still loves having his picture taken, or rather headbutting the camera.

This photo was taken with the same Kodak EasyShare point and shoot camera as the cat picture above. These flowers were perched on a rocky outcrop on the edge of Healey Falls near Campbellford, Ontario. I really like the bright colours and the petals on each of the flowers. This was a cool little spot that my camera club will be visiting soon… although I’m sure there will be a little more snow.

This photo was also taken with the Kodak EasyShare at Healey Falls. I simply like the way that the plant is reaching out over the water.

This photo was taken with a newer point and shoot camera which I still have. This was on top of a cliff looking out over Puzzle Lake Provincial Park. It was taken during a bachelor party weekend for a friend of mine. It looks like a calm and peaceful scene, however, at the bottom of the cliff there was a bunch of friends drinking beer and doing cannonballs into the lake. I had taken a whole bunch of photos out over the lake, and tried this one for a change of pace. I like how it shows the delicate grass blowing slightly in the cliff-top wind.

This photo was taken back in 2004 (I think) on a trip to visit a friend in Montreal. We spent the better part of the day walking around town and snapping photos. I remember it was very cold, and we were quite hungover from the evening before. The original image was centered on the road and included the buildings on the right side of the road. I cropped quite a bit from this photo, but I really liked how the lamp posts seem to go on for infinity.

This final photo was taken on our 2006 trip to Switzerland. I like how the buildings in the old town of Bern squeeze together and rising vertically above the Aare River (not shown). It was a shame that the cathedral was undergoing some renovations, but I guess that’s all the more reason for making a return trip.


5 thoughts on “Digging Through Old Photos – Part 2

  1. Some great shots from the archives man. I love the shot from Puzzle, and not just because I was one of those below the scene with the beers. 🙂

    I also love the street lamps in Montreal. Great choice to crop and focus on the line of street lamps. I think I was there for that one too, correct?

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