Night Flowers

Last weekend, my wife and I went out on a date. Having a young child, we often find it difficult to get out for dinner or a movie, especially with our closest babysitters being over an hour away. Before our night out, I thought it would be fitting to get a couple of Stephanie’s favourite flowers – the Gerber Daisy. We put the flowers in a giant mason jar on a ledge in the kitchen and headed out for the evening.

The other night as I was heading to bed, I noticed the flowers sitting on the ledge with a couple of downward pointing lights illuminating just the flowers, the rest of the room was dark. It created some really neat lighting, and the following night I grabbed the camera and attempted to photography the flowers. This was my first real attempt at manipulating lighting for a photo. It helped that the lights were on a dimmer switch and their brightness could be manipulated with ease. I played around with different light levels, moving the flowers directly under the light and slightly in-front of the light. I even used a flashlight at various angles to provide different lighting effects. Below are a couple photos of the 50 or so I took. They are a bit grainier than I would have liked, but hey… it was bedtime.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins


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