Being Creative

At our weekly camera club meeting, most of the evening was spent exploring creativity. We were given some random props and told to take photos  as we saw fit. The only rule was that you couldn’t copy someone else. Fair enough. The room we were in was very poorly lit and I had left my tripod at home, so I was forced to bump up the ISO and live with some grainy photos. In one room we were taking photos of props, while in the other room, people were having fun with flash photography and long exposures. The props included forks, spoons, some goblets, and some red stones. People were stacking the goblets and shining light on them from different angles creating various shadows and neat effects. One person even wedged cutlery between the keys of the piano – brilliant!

Personally, I chose to line up the forks and get as close as possible to try and create a repeating lines effect. It’s a little grainy, but overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out and dig the depth of field.

© 2012 Kevin Collins


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