Weekend at Blue Mountain

© 2012 Kevin Collins

Saturday afternoon, my wife and I dropped our son off at the my parents and headed north to Collingwood, Ontario. Our destination: Blue Mountain, for a relaxing weekend of skiing. This was our second year that we’ve gone there for a mid-winter vacation and like last year, it was fantastic. We arrived Saturday around 5pm and took a walk around the village before heading out for some Italian. Finding a table at anywhere in the Blue Mountain village on a Saturday night is near impossible, but we managed to get a seat. We loaded up on pasta and liquid carbs in preparation for a day of skiing.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

Since becoming parents, we’ve been unable to sleep past 8am. So we were up fairly early (for people on vacation), and on the slopes by 10am. It was a cloudy morning, causing the flat light to make features on the hill difficult to distinguish. Like photography, skiing is best when there is good lighting to provide shadows and give a sense of texture to the slopes. It’s this texture which helps you adjust your balance to the terrain. Without it, you just flail all the way down the hill. After a lunch and short nap, we headed out for another walk around the village, this time with the camera in hand before heading back for another couple hours of skiing. For dinner we had some great beef tenderloin at Copper Blues before heading over to the Chocolate Factory to get some desserts before calling it a night. There was only a couple other people in the restaurant, which was a huge difference from the night before when we tried, (and failed) to get a seat. We had planned on doing some night skiing, but were just too full from dinner.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

We woke this morning to a warm, sunny day… perfect for skiing. After a couple hours on some of the more difficult runs of the mountain, we heard responsibility calling and headed back to pick up our son. The pictures I’ve added to this post don’t show us skiing, the ski hills, or really anything ski related, but they’re the ones I’m most happy with during our walkabout on Sunday. Nobody wants to see people skiing anyways…


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