Toronto Zoo on Family Day

In October 2007, the provincial government of Ontario established Family Day – a new statutory holiday on the third Monday in February. This is good because we needed a holiday between New Years and Easter. So this morning Stephanie suggested that we spend family day at the Toronto Zoo. I figured there would be people there, but I’ve never seen the crowds that we saw today. We have a zoo membership and make the hour trip from Peterborough about every 5 weeks or so. Usually the main parking lot is not even half full with cars on the weekend, however, today we had to park at the back of the reserve lot on the other side of the road and walk 10 minutes to the gate.

I’m not complaining, as I think it’s great that more people are getting out and supporting the the Zoo, but we probably should of gone on Saturday or Sunday. There was a monster line up to see the new 3 month old polar bear cub, so we completely avoided that area all together and spent our time walking around the less visited areas of the zoo, seeing exhibits that I never knew existed.

I had brought my camera along, but never intended to take a single photo of  an animal. I must have hundreds of photos of zoo animals from numerous visits over the years and don’t need anymore. Also, I don’t currently own a telephoto lens, so the shots are generally too far away and not interesting.

I only took a couple pictures, as most of my time was spent chasing my 2 year old around. The first picture was taken while waiting for the family to exit the restroom. I thought it had both great lines and contrast between light and dark. I noticed the waterfall and despite not having a tripod tried to get the silky water effect through a hand-held 1 second exposure. It came out a little blurry, but not too bad.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins


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