Photo of the Week: Week 8

© 2012 Kevin Collins

This weeks shot is one of my favourites in this series thus far. A couple months back I had experimented with capturing water splashing into a cup but was unsuccessful as  I couldn’t get the timing or lighting right. Recently, I had given it some more thought a figured that if I shot splashing water at low light using the flash, it would basically freeze the water and produce an interesting looking image.

For this picture, I put a pint glass in the kitchen sink and just let the water run from the faucet. Most of the shots I took were interesting, especially the ones where droplets were splashing out of glass. I chose this one because of the shape of the running water, the shadow on the side of the sink, and the difficult to see, but still cool looking splash of the water entering the glass.

Maybe not as cool as some of the splash photography out there, but this is my first go at it. Click on the image to enlarge it and see the full effect!


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