Playing With Fire

This weeks camera club meeting was interesting to say the least. I walked up the stairs and into a room with an elaborate set up of glass, black backdrop, lighter fluid, and a fire extinguisher. Our task was to photograph flames and their reflections. In the course of about 40 minutes, I was able to take about 80 photos – each one captured a unique shape of the flames. Below are a couple of my favourites. There was minimal amount of post-processing on these photos. I threw in a couple that I converted to monochrome as I think it gives a chilly fire type look… if that makes any sense.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins


9 thoughts on “Playing With Fire

  1. Dude, these are awesome!! What a great idea and you made some great images here. The B+W shots look like metal sculptures – especially the second one. Awesome stuff. I need a new camera club – we don’t even bring cameras to ours.

    • Thanks Mikey. I was blown away with how cool they look. Almost can’t wait until summer time to start having some campfires. I guess I can make do with the wood stove until then. You’re always free to come join our club… although, I suspect the drive will be a bit much. Have a good weekend!

  2. Nice ones Kevin. I am sorry that I could not make it last night, but I was not feeling all that well. It looked like a fantastic shooting idea/opportunity. I see that that is this months challenge too (“Fire”). You guys did not burn down Sadleir House did you? :p

    • Thanks Dave. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for letting someone else win 50-50 for a change. 🙂 Most people were able to get some really neat shots and we didn’t burn down Sadleir House, but I’m sure they weren’t too impressed with the smell we left in the room.

  3. Very nice shots. Interesting, abstract shapes. Great idea – I’m thinking of joining a photography club to try and develop my skills and sounds like yours is a lot of fun too….bringing out the Pyromaniac in us all 😉

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