Get Out Of The Way

It seems that every time I spot a decent opportunity for a landscape shot, there’s always hydro lines in the way. My drive into work takes me over several rolling hills each with a really great view. On several occasions, there’s been a fantastic sunset that I would’ve loved to pull over and snap a couple shots, but it’s always near some sort of overhead wires. Could it just be coincidence or do I need to get off the beaten path a bit more? With the shot below, I figured if you can’t beat em’, you might as well join em’. Cliche… I know.

© 2012 Kevin Collins


One thought on “Get Out Of The Way

  1. So true – I suspect it’s because the best visibility is in those places they have cleared to make way for the hydro wires. I have the same problem with street-scapes . I always want to shoot the streets in my neighbourhood, but the power lines just ruin the shot.

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