Just Another Wednesday

© 2012 Kevin Collins

I wish today was the norm for Wednesdays. Since I was working all weekend, I decided to take a day off and spend it with Patrick. We spent the morning at Beavermead Park in Peterborough. I thought he would have played at the playground more than he actually did, but he preferred to sit on the park bench overlooking the water and watch a dog run back and forth. We sat, chatted, and snacked on Cheerios before going for a bike ride along the waterfront. Around noon, we headed to Harvey’s for lunch and sat in our usual spot and had our usual order. After lunch we headed home and both took a two hour nap. Awesome.

Later in the afternoon, we drove to Jackson Park and played for another hour or so before returning home for dinner. Jackson Park is our favorite park in Peterborough since the playground is nestled in some very large white pine trees which offer shade and a cool breeze on the hottest of days. It was good to spend the entire day doing things Patrick wanted to do instead of him tagging along with me while running errands. I wish more days were like today.

© 2012 Kevin Collins


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