Digging Through Old Photos – Part 3

It’s been a couple months since I last submitted a post for this project. To bring you up to speed, this project is about looking back though 12 years worth of photos and through slight adjustments, creating some cool pictures. I only started to get into photography back in the fall of 2011, so all the photos I’ve taken before that were shot without any real preparation or thought given to lighting or composition – hence the term “point-and-shoot”. The plan here is to try and train the eye to look for pleasing shots before the picture is taken.

This first shot is of a camping trip I took just north of Peterborough back in 2005 with some family. I think everyone who owns a canoe has taken a similar shot.

© 2005 Kevin Collins

The second shot is of my good friend Paul pondering the delicious-ness of his ice cream cone on Manitoulin Island during another camping trip in 2004. If memory serves me correct, he chased the ice cream with some pickled eggs. Awesome.

© 2004 Kevin Collins

This third shot was taken on the Big Pines hiking trail in Algonquin Park in the summer of 2009. For a point-and-shoot camera, I’m pretty impressed with the DOF in this shot, considering I had no control over the camera settings.

© 2009 Kevin Collins

This next shot is my favourite of the four in this post. Not only because of the content, but because it captures a great family moment that we still talk about today. It’s my brother and dad fishing for lake trout in northern Ontario and it looks like Jay has one on the line.

© 2009 Kevin Collins


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