Algonquin Landscapes

Lately, most of my photos have been up close and personal to the subject. I simply like the amount of detail you can get in those types of shots. I figured it was about time to take a step back and try out some landscape photography. Below are three photos I recently took while in Algonquin Park in Central Ontario. I was there for a couple days for a work meeting and found a couple hours after dinner to head out with the camera.

These first two photos were taken at Harkness Fisheries Research Labratory on Lake Opeongo where our meeting was being held. They were both taken at a wide angle which can be seen in the slight curvature of horizon of the water.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

Although it was a cloudy evening and it was quite dull out, I like this third shot because of the layers. The rock in the foreground, the trees in the middle and the river in the background. One thing that I’ve been experimenting with lately is shooting with the camera in portrait orientation. I find that this is allowing a lot of depth in the photos. I dig it.

© 2012 Kevin Collins


2 thoughts on “Algonquin Landscapes

  1. You should give some pointers on Thursday night Kevin. There will be a group of Clicks members heading to Algonquin on Saturday. I will be heading up on Saturday with Carl, and Paul is also heading up with Jan I believe. I am not sure who else is going yet. You may have a few good ideas of things to photograph while there. I have never been to Algonquin Park yet!!

    • I guarantee that everywhere you go in Algonquin, there will be fantastic photo opportunities. There are tonnes of trails that skirt lakes, waterfalls, swamps, and others that have awesome lookouts. A first stop might be to the visitors centre (which looks out over a gigantic bog). They could probably tell you which trails to try out for different photo opportunities and hiking skill levels.

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