Tonight our camera club challenged the weather reports and headed out to Omemee, Ontario to take photos along the Rotary Trail. The weatherman was calling for thunderstorms, but as I was finishing dinner, it was sunny out, so I figured we’d be okay. We got to Omemee around 7:10 and the clouds on the horizon were fast approaching. About 30 minutes later the dark grey clouds were directly overhead unleashing a fury of rain, lightning and thunder. I barely made it back to the car.

I live right around the corner from Omemee and have driven through many times, but never really spent any time there. A portion of the trans-Canada trail passes east-west right through town and over an old wooden rail trestle spanning the Pigeon River. This was a great little spot to take some  photos as there’s an old barn at the waters edge and what looks like an old boat house that has been reclaimed by the river. With the light quickly fading, there was some great reflections which I decided to focus on while continuing my effort to take more landscape type shots. Below are a couple shots I got in before all hell broke loose with the rain.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins


7 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Great shots man. Your eye for composition is really developing into something awesome. The reflections are great! The use of line of the clouds in the second shot is really well done. Awesome!

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