Tonight was Patricks first time playing an organized sport. He joined the Ennismore Youth Soccer club in the walking to 4 years old category. All I can say is that it was hilarious as expected. Anything that resembled a soccer game was completely lost in all the mayhem. At anytime during the game there was at least one of the following going on:

  • more than 1 soccer ball in the game;
  • twice as many players on one team versus the other;
  • kids carrying the ball;
  • team mates playing against each other;

… and my personal favourite:

  • players from one game crossing into adjacent fields and joining other games.
I don’t think Patrick really understood what was going on… but then again neither did anyone else. But it was fun to watch! Below is a photo of Patrick enjoying a post game snack and a shot of the clouds overhead which I though looked kind of neat.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins


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