Photo of the Week: Week 20

© 2012 Kevin Collins

With Monday off due to Victoria Day, we were given some of the nicest weather of the year so far. We spent all day Saturday just puttering around the house and had some friends drop by on Sunday. We spent the entire day outside enjoying the sun in the backyard. Today, I realized that I hadn’t picked up the camera in a while, so while our son was taking his nap, I headed out to the backyard. I spent the better part of an hour wandering around the yard snapping photos and came across this insect against our door.

The depth of field of this shot is subtle. While the majority of the wings are in focus, the insects body is out of focus. It was difficult to see this on the camera screen after the shot was taken. In hindsight, I probably would have closed the aperture a bit more to get the whole thing in focus. Live and learn I suppose.


One thought on “Photo of the Week: Week 20

  1. Nice DoF on the wings man. It might be nice to see the whole insect in focus, but I think this works quite well. I might crop a bit tighter to add emphasis to the wing details, but a good capture overall.

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