Say Cheese

Every time I break out the camera and point it towards Patrick, he makes his fake smile face. After dinner tonight, we were messing around taking turns snapping photos and making stupid faces with each other. He’s a goofy guy. Mine were too stupid to show.

Photo of the Week: Week 25

This weeks post is actually from last weekend at Lang Pioneer Village. This antique clothes spreader was one of many items on display at the steam powered show. This model is actually powered by hand, but there were several that ran off steam. I simply liked the colouring and lettering.

Say What…? #10

“I am a robot. I am a robot.” – Patrick (2012) The other day we got Patrick ready for bed and put his pajamas on with a picture of a robot on them. All of a sudden, Patrick turned into a robot and started walking around the house telling us he was a robot. He even…

Lang Pioneer Village

As mentioned in a previous post, my family took me to Lang Pioneer Village near Keene, Ontario for Father’s Day. Including the antique tractor show, there was actually quite a lot to see and do there and I was surprised that our 3 year old loved it so much. Usually he has a very short attention…

Pick Your Battles

One of the sick pleasures of parenthood is knowing when it’s appropriate to make fun of your children. As I walked into daycare to pickup Patrick this afternoon, he came running around the corner sporting a pair of pink shorts circa 1982. He had an accident and no spare clothes. I almost died laughing. Patrick…

Boys and Their Toys

Below is a photo of our three year old admiring some model tractors (not toys). I thought I’d share this photo because I think it both captures a great moment between a child and his love for small tractors, and because I think it’s a good photo from a composition perspective. When I initially look…

Colourful Tractors

Today is Father’s Day. My wife and son thought it would be both different and fun to check out an antique tractor show at the Lang Pionner Village, just north of Keene, Ontario. Having never been there before, I didn’t know what to expect. It was quite larger than I thought and very interesting. I…

Photo of the Week: Week 24

This weeks photo is one that I took on the Bridgenorth Trail the other day. The sun was low in the sky and streaming through the trees. I liked the way these poplars were growing so close to each other and the colour contrast with the surrounding vegetation.

Say What…? #9

“Give yourself to the dark milk.” – Patrick (2012) Patrick has started to get into Star Wars lately. Most of the time he runs around quoting Darth Vader by saying “give yourself to the darkside”, unless he see’s something that distracts him… such as a glass of milk.

Bridgenorth Trail

The other day our camera club headed out to the Bridgenorth Trail at the edge of town. We were told that there wasn’t much to photograph along the trail, so I thought it would be a challenge. It was true, there wasn’t really anything that  popped out, but if you looked a little closer, photo opportunities…