Parliament Hill

I was in Ottawa this past week attending the National Fish and Wildlife Conservation Congress. It was the longest, most intense conference I have been to in a long while. With speakers from all over North America and several Provincial Ministers, Federal Ministers and even our Prime Minister, it made for an interesting mix of speeches from a variety of perspectives. I did find about an hour and a half to get out with the camera and only managed to make it to Major’s Hill Park and Parliament Hill before running out of free time. I was happy with a lot of the photos, so I’ve decided to break them into two different posts, so stay tuned.

This first set is from my quick walk around the Parliament Buildings. Every time I visit Ottawa, I try and do a lap around Parliament Hill. I love the architecture, the history, and the importance of the buildings. Also, the views over the river are pretty impressive too.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

The next two photos are of the library which is around back the main parliament buildings. I love the look of this building, as it looks several hundred years old.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

This last photo is not of the parliament buildings. On Wednesday night of the conference, Stephen Harper was a keynote speaker at the banquet. The amount of security was insane and I was told if I left my seat I would be tackled… more or less. Luckily, our reserved table was right beside the stage, so even though I didn’t have a telephoto lens, I was still able to get a decent shot. Other than taking photos of my son, this is the only other portrait photo I’ve done and I’m pretty happy with it, even though I don’t always agree with the subject.

© 2012 Kevin Collins


2 thoughts on “Parliament Hill

  1. Cool photos Kev! Oh to be a fly on the wall of that conference. I’m glad I wasn’t there, I would have been yelling at Harper the whole time and surely tackled for it! I had no idea that you were a fisheries person too, I thought you were forestries dude all this time. Sorry! I am trying to get better at keeping in touch with ppl 🙂 P.S. Hope you had an awesome bday!

    • Hey Stacey! Just kind of fell into the whole fisheries thing. I actually do information management stuff (databases and computer nerd stuff) for MNR’s fisheries section. It’s a cool gig. I think they were anticipating some angry folks so the place was swarmed with RCMP and secret service type guys. I just thought it was cool to see a PM speak, regardless of whether I agree with his views. 🙂

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