Yesterday was Canada Day. After Patrick went to bed I headed down to Little Lake in downtown Peterborough, Ontario to try and photograph the fireworks display. Arriving two hours before the show started I was able to set up the framing and focus. I have never photographed fireworks before and was just going with some recommended settings and hoping for the best. The entire show lasted only 7 minutes and, I personally thought it was kind of weak. I was able to get a couple shots I was happy with.

Since there wan’t much time to play with the camera settings while the fireworks were happening, I kept the aperture at f16, altered the the shutter speed between 2 and 6 seconds, and changed the focal length between 26mm and 18mm. I ended up cropping the photos a bit in post processing.

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins

© 2012 Kevin Collins


3 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. nice ones Kevin! I left my lens at 50mm and f11, and was not able to crop much out without destroying the whole starburst thing. Next time I will shoot wide and maybe further away (Rogers Cove) instead of the Little Lake Cemetery. You got some nice effect of reflection on the water.

    • Thanks Dave. I was glad I kept a pretty wide angle. My timing was messed up using the 2 second delay timer in the camera, so I ended up just pressing the release very carefully.

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