Blink of an Eye

I took this photo the other day while camping in Bon Echo Provincial Park. The more I look at this photo the more I like it. I think it captures the essence of what photography is, (to me anyways) – basically capturing a moment in time. A moment that can never be re-created. A moment that exists for a blink of an eye then changes.

While I was taking some landscape photos, Stephanie (my wife), looked down and noticed a small frog at the edge of the water. She asked if I could take a photo of it. The problem was that there were small waves crashing against the shore and constantly changing the position of the frog. I took a couple shots using my new GorillaPod (mini-tripod), and was lucky enough to grab this one. At first glance it’s just a frog. Look closer and notice that it’s about to be pummeled by the water. The shutter speed on this shot was 1/10th of a second – just enough to give some movement to the water, and a sense of impending doom for the frog.

Stephanie always tells me that she thinks photography is a very popular hobby and that it seems that everyone is doing it. I can’t argue with that statement, however, I think photography differs from conventional hobbies such as coin collecting or sports in that each photographer provides a different point of view. You could take 10 photographers and ask them to shoot the exact same subject and I would bet you would have 10 completely different photos. There wouldn’t be one better than another, just a different perspective. That’s what I love about photography.

© 2012 Kevin Collins


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