Killbear Part 2

The seemingly never ending shoreline of Killbear Provincial Park provides an infinite number of photographic opportunities. Since the park is situated on a north-south peninsula, there are numerous possibilities for capturing fantastic sunrise and sunset shots over Georgian Bay. I’ve only been to the park on a camping trip one other time with my family about 20 years ago and it was fantastic. Since I work for the Ministry of Natural Resources, I’ve also had the opportunity to come to the park several times in the off season to use the meeting and staff house facilities. I’ll definitely be returning to the park both on photography quests and family adventures!

Now on to the photos. The next couple of shots in this Killbear series are grouped together because I thought they had an interesting look to them, however there wasn’t really a lot of colour, so I decided to make them monochrome. They were all taken when the sun was really low in the sky. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and think they create a sense of impending doom, which I dig.

Photos 2 and 6 are almost identical except I think I moved the camera about a foot or two. The next two posts in this series will focus on the sunsets and sunrises and I’m debating waiting until we get our new computer before posting them as I’m finding it difficult getting the colour and brightness right on my laptop monitor… I may just get impatient and post them anyways though. We’ll have to wait and see.

Click on the photo to enlarge. Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out Part 1 of this series.

55mm; F22; 25s; ISO 100

18mm; F22; 15s; ISO 100

24mm; F22; 30s; ISO 100

32mm; F22; 20s; ISO 100

24mm; F22; 78.5s; ISO 100

36mm; F16; 30s; ISO 100


5 thoughts on “Killbear Part 2

  1. Great stuff again man. As I said in my email I am blown away with your results and your rapid progress to date! My favourites here are 1 and 6. I particularly like the contrast in #6. Great work – be proud of yourself.

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