Photo of the Week: Week 31

This weeks post is fairly straight-forward. It’s the moon. Obviously. I’ve tried taking photos of the moon before… specifically that night a couple months back where it was being called a ‘supermoon’. I had limited success, but never felt like I captured the detail I wanted. Recently, I rented a 70-300mm telephoto lens and the timing just happened to coincide with a nearly full moon, known as the ‘waxing gibbous’ phase. I almost prefer it not to be a full moon as it gives a 3-dimensional feel to it.

I’m blown away that the camera was able to capture details such as craters and the areas of different contrast on something that I see all the time as being a solid ball of (reflected) light in the night sky. I had to return the rental lens before the moon went full, but I’m really happy with how the shot turned out. I was surprised that it took a shutter speed of 1/400th of a second to capture the moon, but I suppose it’s just reflected sunlight.

300mm; F10; 1/400s; ISO 100


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