Rainy Evening on a Farm

Last night our photography club headed out to an old barn on the outskirts of town. We tried to shoot this location a couple weeks back and got rained out. Unfortunately, the weather did not improve for this visit. It was so dark out, that I chose to use long exposures to get the shots instead of bumping up the ISO.

The first two were taken underneath the barn in extremely poor lighting conditions. I couldn’t make out any details as there were only a couple small windows with very little light coming in. Both are a bit more grainy than I would have liked, but am happy with them nonetheless.

18mm; F10; 20s; ISO 100

18mm; F10; 20s; ISO 100

This next shot was interesting to get. There was vegetation growing up past the roof of the car making it impossible to shoot without first trying to knock it back a little. By the time I trampled down the bushes, I was dripping wet and the rain had started to pick up again. I took a couple shots before remembering that I had a polarizing filter that would cut down the glare of the water. The polarizer also made the leaves turn a vibrant green which I thought took focus away from the car – so I flipped it to monochrome.

18mm; F22; 30s; ISO 100

I wish I had more time to play around with this next piece of machinery, but the rain was really starting to come down and I only had a baseball cap to cover the camera.

18mm; F22; 30s; ISO 100


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