Different Angle

Whilst looking at the blog of good friend and photographic wizard, Mike Pereira, I noticed an image he recently posted looked quite familiar. I wasn’t sure why, and never gave it any more thought. Until this afternoon when it dawned on me – the 3 rocks in his picture are the same 3 rocks in a photo I took. Not really a surprise since we were set up quite close to each other.

To me, they are two completely different photos. One is monochrome, the other in colour; one shows the sky and epic clouds, the other only shows the water; one is taken looking straight out from the beach, the other is from a different angle – and that’s all just on composition. Each photo evokes a different emotional response and depicts the time and place in a different manner.

This is what I love about photography. You can take two photos of the exact same subject by different photographers and they would produce two completely different images. Well done Mikey!

© 2012 Mike Pereira


2 thoughts on “Different Angle

  1. Great study in how we see things differently.

    I really enjoy how well balanced your image is here. The light and the dark play well off each other in the B+W conversion, and the image is weighted nicely from a compositional standpoint. Well conceived shot!

    Appreciate the link as well 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Mike Pereira Photography and commented:
    I don’t normally reblog content here, but I had to share this piece by my friend Kevin Collins, who noted how it’s possible for two people to occupy the same space and yet see different things. His article reminded me of something Guy Tal wrote: “The purpose of illustration is to say: ‘Here’s what you would have seen had you been there.’ The purpose of art is to say: ‘Here’s what you would not have seen had I not shown it to you, even if you were standing next to me.’
    I don’t know if I have managed to reach that level of artistry as yet, but I feel, for the first time, like I might have set myself on a path that will find me there eventually.
    Thanks Kev!

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