Peterborough Church District

Last night our photography group headed to an area of Peterborough where there just happens to be a large grouping of churches, which I happen to find a great subject for photography. Our monthly theme is black and white images. Basically whatever photos we take, the final image should be in black and white (or greyscale if you prefer that term… which I do). The sun was super low in the sky and casting some great shadows. I set my camera up to preview the images on the LCD in greyscale so I could get a quick glimpse of how the contrast was playing out. Definitely some lessons learned which I’ll use for our next outing. Click on the images to enlarge.

46mm; F7.1; 1/160s; ISO 100

38mm; F8; 1/125s; ISO 200

18mm; F6.3; 1/250s; ISO 400

52mm; F6.3; 1/50s; ISO 400

34mm; F5.6; 1/10s; ISO 800


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