Photographing Food

Tonight at our camera club meeting, the theme was macro photography and the subject was fruits and vegetables. For those folks who didn’t have a macro lens (this includes myself), we were to try and get as close as possible to capture the details. Everyone was asked to bring food and a light source, since the room we were in was quite dark. After a couple minutes it became apparent that macro was not going to happen for me anyways. Instead, I started playing around with the lighting on the food which was casting some pretty cool shadows. Below are my 3 favourites from the night.

55mm; F/5.6; 1/640s; ISO 200

48mm; F/5.6; 1s; ISO 100

48mm; F/5.6; 1/60s; ISO 100


3 thoughts on “Photographing Food

  1. Kevin I think that you should use your own shot #1 on the web site. Either that, or the sharp photo that Trevor took of the cherry tomatoes (if that is what they were?). They may not be macro shots, but they are closeups. If Trevor took that with the lens reversed, it is a remarkable in focus shot. I tried reversing my 50mm, but the DOF is hard to overcome for anything clear with the whole subject.

    • Thanks Dave. Check out Jills shots in the Dropbox Events folder. She got it using a 4x magnifying filter. Never heard of those filters before, but have just added them to my wish list. Plus they come in different strengths and are stackable!

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