Deep in Thought

Over the past month, our camera club has been focused (pun intended) on macro or close up photography. Since I have no money, I can’t go out and pick up a proper macro lens, so I found a cheap alternative and bought a set of close up filters which basically just screw on to the threads of an existing lens. These filters decrease the minimum distance required for the camrea to focus. In the shot below, I think I’m only a couple inches away.

One thing I’ve learned with using these filters is the depth of field works out differently than you’d expect. The image below looks like it might have been taken with an aperture setting of f/1.8 or f/2.8, but it was actually done at f/18 and still produces a sliver of focus.

I really like this shot for a couple reasons including the content, the composition and the depth of field. In the original image the subjects are wearing bright red clothes which I found to be distracting and therefore flipped it to black and white which I think also helps bring out the texture in the face.

55mm; F/18; 4s; ISO 100


2 thoughts on “Deep in Thought

  1. That is interesting Kevin. First I looked at the shot and the shot details you provided and thought that you had misplaced a decimal point thinking the shot had to be f1.8. Then I read the post. I thought that F/18 could not be correct. It must be the properties that the close up filters bring into it altering the focus of the shot.

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