Halloween Cake

Sunday morning, Stephanie and Patrick went to a Halloween get together at a friends house. As always, Stephanie likes to make a cake. This was a cake she had made a couple years ago, and it worked out so well, she thought to give it another go. The last photo is of the nearly finished spider cake… still missing the legs, which were made of thin chocolate covered sticks. With the exception of the Licorice Allsorts, this is one of my all time favourite cakes. It’s super dense… almost like a giant brownie. Anyways, these are some photos of Patrick and Stephanie during final assembly.

And now for the photography spin on this post. I was using my 50mm fast lens and simply wanted to practice manually focusing on moving subjects… which I still find to be very difficult. I was working out a technique that seemed to work rather well and requires both a lot of shots and some luck. In hindsight, I should have just spent the extra $100 and invested in the auto-focus version of this lens. Live and learn I suppose.

50mm; f/2; 1/40s; ISO 1600

50mm; f/2; 1/25s; ISO 1600

50mm; f/2; 1/4s; ISO 100


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