Photo of the Week: Week 44

This weeks post is of something I haven’t spent much time doing, but would like to explore more. I’m talking about silhouettes. I was sitting in the living room this morning while my 3 year old was playing with his toys, and I was taking photos of him in front of the window. I like the crisp line showing the profile of his face against the vertical lines from our curtains. I also like how it isn’t a completely black silhouette as there is still some detail on his shirt around the shoulders.

55mm; f/8; 1/60s; ISO 100


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Week 44

  1. This is beautifully layered. The contrast in light and shadow are rich here- I was going to comment that the difference between his face and his shoulder is a reeally good detail, and then I realized you said the same thing.

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