Downtown Night Photography

I was talking with a family member yesterday, telling them I was going out to photos later that night. They replied by saying “…but it’s dark outside”. Yes. That’s exactly why I was heading out. I like the fact that when non-photographers think about photography, night photography doesn’t come to mind.

If you’re just getting into photography and have a tripod and camera, I’d recommend trying night landscape shots, for a simple reason – they are difficult to mess up. If you leave the aperture and ISO at a constant setting and just experiment with the shutter speed, you’ll gain a better understanding of how your camera works, and rarely will there be unusable, blown out shots. It’s also a great way to try capturing motion blur or moving traffic without the use of fancy ND filters.

Anyways, I hit the streets last night with Peterborough photographer Pat Trudeau for a walk through downtown with a focus on the Quaker Oats Plant. I was surprised by the number of people who inquired what we were doing, or simply said hello because we were carrying cameras and tripods. Below are two shots from last night. I’ll post another bunch in a later post.

18mm; f/11; 30s; ISO 100

55mm; f/11; 8s; ISO 100


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