Peterborough at Night

While my wife is fully immersed in her Masters program, I’m finding more time to get out and do some photography – albeit night photography, which is fine by me. For the third night in a row, (which is a personal best), I was able to head out for a night of photography. Last night, Pat Trudeau and I headed out for another night of shooting downtown Peterborough, Ontario. With a couple spots in mind we wandered the downtown streets, avoided drunkards, and were generally well received by strangers. On one occasion we were shooting the amazing exterior of the over 100 year old Peterborough Armoury, when a gentleman came out of the building, asked if we wanted him to move his truck, and then invited to shoot inside the building. The last shot in this post is from the drill hall, (which is much larger than it looks), where we spent the better part of an hour. More from this outing to follow.

Please feel free to comment and criticize on the photos below, or the photos in any of my posts. I welcome constructive criticism to help me learn!

28mm; f/5.6; 2.3s; ISO 100

42mm; f/5.3; 7.8s; ISO 100

18mm; f/8; 10s; ISO 100

18mm; f/11; 30s; ISO 100

30mm; f/5.6; 1.3s; ISO 100

18mm; f/18; 2s; ISO 100


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