Taking Another Look

Every so often, I’ll find some time to go back through old photos and see if there’s something I may have missed on my first pass. I find this to be a useful technique in training the eye to look at things differently. When going back over photos, I take the time to look around and try to visualize certain parts of the photo as it’s own image. Usually, the final product involves quite a bit of cropping, rendering the photo only usable on a computer screen. But the next time I see a similar scene, I will know what to look for.

The shot below is of Healey Falls near Campbellford, Ontario taken back in January 2012. The water was coming out extremely fast from the dam, and at the time, I wasn’t sure how to capture it. I was in the mode of making ‘silky water’ shots on some of the smaller, slower moving trickles off to the side (see old post). When I first looked at this photo, it did nothing for me and I moved on to the next one, however, the more I look at it now, the more I like it. The contrast between the black and white, the power of the white water in the foreground leading to the river curving around behind the trees on the right. I flipped it to monochrome, because it was a dark, cloudy day with dull light and next to no colour in the scene.

I have plans to head back to this spot in the new year, and now know what to look for and already have ideas in my head of what to shoot and how to shoot it.

38mm; f/32; 1s; ISO 100


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