Millbrook-Cavan Firefighters Association

While walking around Millbrook on Tuesday night taking random photos, we came across a very interesting building. From the outside it looked abandoned, so we set up tripods and started getting our compositions ready, when two vehicles pulled up. A bunch of people jumped out and scurried into the building. So it wasn’t abandoned after all. One gentleman came back out and we started chatting. The building was the old fire hall that now serves as both a museum to local firefighting history and a meeting space for the Millbrook-Cavan Firefighters Association. They were about to start a meeting and invited us into the museum to snap a couple shots.

This is the second time that we’ve been randomly invited into a building to do some photography – the first time being at the Armoury in Peterborough a couple weeks back. When setting up a tripod and fiddling with camera settings, people passing by sometimes give you weird looks, and at first it made me feel very self-conscious. But after doing it a couple times, you being to realize that people are just being curious and wonder why your photographing that particular subject.

Anyways, we spent about 15 minutes or so inside the museum which was jammed with an old fire truck and tons of other cool artifacts. It was difficult to move around, so most of the shots were close-up. My favourite is the third shot below – looking up the inside of the Tuscan-style tower used for hanging hoses to dry.

Thanks again to the association for letting us in for a couple minutes to take some shots… and warm our hands! Cheers!

20mm; f/10; 30s; ISO 100

18mm; f/3.5; 1/20s; ISO 1600

22mm; f/3.8; 1.6s; ISO 100

40mm; f/5.3; 0.8s; ISO 100

55mm; f/6.3; 20s; ISO 100


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