Photo of the Week: Week 48

For this weeks post, I thought I’d try something a little different. Friday night, I spent some time in Omemee, Ontario just walking around taking some shots. I wanted to get a shot of Youngtown Rock & Roll museum before heading home and the snow was starting to come down pretty hard. The museum, by the way, is named after local legend Neil Young who grew up in Omemee.

To get this shot I did my regular long exposure but this time, fired the flash just before the shutter closed. This allowed me to get proper exposure of the building, light streaks from a passing vehicle, and the flash was able to freeze (pun intended) the falling snow. While not really an interesting image to most, I find it interesting from a technical perspective. That is all.

40mm; f/7.1; 6s; ISO 100

40mm; f/7.1; 6s; ISO 100


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