Santa Claus Parade

I just noticed that I had photos on my camera that I forgot to download to the computer. I’m usually pretty good at keeping on top of it, but it must have slipped my mind. The weekend before last, was Peterborough’s annual Santa Claus Parade. This parade is a bit unique in that it takes place when the sun goes down. It’s a bit colder, but all the floats are decorated with Christmas lights and in my opinion are much more interesting.

I didn’t take any pictures of the actual parade as I was there to spend time with the family, but I did manage to snap a couple of my wife and son before putting the camera away. I didn’t want to use the flash, so I bumped up the ISO to 3200 and am quite happy with how they turned out (after a bit of noise reduction processing in Lightroom).

29mm; f/4.5; 1/25s; ISO 3200

29mm; f/4.5; 1/25s; ISO 3200

28mm; f/4.5; 1/25s; ISO 1600

28mm; f/4.5; 1/25s; ISO 3200


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