Top Ten of 2012

I took over 5,000 photos in 2012 and since a lot of people do a top 10 or 12 photos of the year, I thought I’d follow suit. Below are my favourite 10 photos I took during 2012. I found picking just 10 photos was a difficult task, so I tried to make my decisions based on composition, colour, contrast and capturing a moment.


I took this shot at Cordova Falls back in November. I like the depth of field, colours and how the water seems to flow in a valley. I think the path the water takes down the rocks is also interesting from a composition stand point. I think the colour of the leaves also adds to the image.

Top Ten of 2012 10


The shot below was taken at the Quaker Oats plant in Peterborough. I think the black and white works well with this image and the long sweeping curve of the tracks.

Top Ten of 2012 9


I had to quickly get out of the way as this train was starting to move when I shot it. This was taken at the rail yard in Havelock. I like the colours and lines on the train and the contrast in the clouds turned out great.

Top Ten of 2012 8


This shot below was taken at Burleigh Falls on a very cold and windy morning. I like the motion and shape of the rushing water and the tall white pine on the other side of the river.

Top Ten of 2012 7


The simplicity of this shot is what makes it one of my favourite. Taken in Peterborough, overlooking Little Lake, the glow over the city and reflections in the water are what I like. I’ve recently started processing more of my photos in black and white as I really like the effect they have.

Top Ten of 2012 6


The shot below was taken at the Toronto Zoo in the summer using a rental lens, and is one of the first portraits I’ve taken that I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out – despite the bald guy in the background. I think the blown out background in this is really neat and helps focus on the people.

Top Ten of 2012 5


The waterfall shot below was taken at Callaghan’s Rapids south of Marmora on the Crowe River. I was trying to show contrasts in texture between the scraggly grass and the smooth water achieved through a longer exposure.

Top Ten of 2012 4


I was having a lot of trouble getting the shot below the way I wanted it. The lighting in that area was a nightmare with a mix of super bright incandescent and fluorescent lights, black and white was the only real option.

Top Ten of 2012 3


Taken only a couple weeks back, this image really resonates with me as it was my sons first train ride and I think it really captures the moment as another train went flying by. Surprisingly enough this photo was taken with my point-and-shoot camera with no setup whatsoever. Sometimes you just get lucky with the settings I suppose.

Top Ten of 2012 2


And my favourite shot of 2012 is the dock at the cottage we were at this past summer for a family reunion. I had been taking sunset shots all week and really liked how the sun turned the white dock a warm orange. The reflection of the water didn’t hurt either.

Top Ten of 2012 1

So that’s it for 2012. I’m still debating whether or not to continue with the photo of the week project for 2013. I think it was a great exercise to ensure that I got out with the camera as much as possible. As I look back over the course of the year, I can definitely see a progression in my images – with better composition, exposure and post-processing. I’ve learned a lot about this new hobby of mine over the course of the year and hope that the interest doesn’t fade. I’m sure it won’t. All the best to my readers in the new year.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten of 2012

  1. Sorry for the delayed comment on this – your work and improvement this past year has been remarkable. Your capacity for learning and your enthusiasm for pursuing photography as an art have been a tremendous inspiration for me over the year and I am wholly impressed by your achievements. Thanks for sharing your work!

    • Thanks Mike. I really do appreciate your comments and critique. I’m looking forward to what 2013 has in store for this hobby of mine. I’ve already got some amazing stuff lined up (as you should know). Thanks again!

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