Hockey Shots

2013 will be the year of photography firsts… for me anyways. I’ve got a bunch of photography ideas I’d like to try out this year. One of those firsts is trying out sports photography such as hockey. Instead of trying to wrangle up tickets to an OHL game, I thought I’d start off by showing up to a local Friday night league here in Peterborough.

Shooting a hockey game is much more difficult than I thought it would be. The combination of poor arena lighting with fast action makes it a technical challenge that keeps you on your toes. Add to the fact that you’re forced to focus and shoot through glass that has been dinged by thousands of pucks and it becomes one of the most difficult things I’ve shot to date.

To try and get a usable shot, I set the camera in ‘burst mode’ and was shooting several frames a second to try and capture something usable. In the end, I took 275 shots, of which I’m pleased with about 8. Almost a 3% success rate – the worst I’ve ever done. Towards the end, I started getting the hang of shooting and began to anticipate the action. Definitely something I’ll be trying again before the end of the season.


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