Shooting Smoke

The other day, I had the opportunity to try something out that I had never thought of before. Photographing smoke. We tried out a couple different methods to get some smoke, but my favourite was using dry ice.

The first shot below is of a goblet with dry ice in it. There wasn’t much pouring over the side until some water was added.

 The next shot is actually an HDR combining the shot above with 2 others. I wanted to get the detail of the cup with the smoke pouring out of the cup. Originally I tried to freeze the smoke altogether using a fast shutter speed, but for this I set it to about a second to blur the smoke.

The third shot in this set is of a copper pot filled with dry ice. The subject was harshly lit which I though added some drama to the image. I tried a couple different angles before settling on this one.

The final shot was basically of a candle holder with something that was just extinguished. Someone was holding a green light off to the left side. I like the abstract quality of this image with the negative space on both sides.

Overall, it was an interesting experience and was probably more useful from the perspective of understanding your camera settings. My clothes stank for a couple days following this shoot.


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